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here is the place where i love you.

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so love me, mother
and love me, father
and love my sister as well


so love me, mother

and love me, father

and love my sister as well


She met a boyand called him Stargazerbecause instead of poemshe recited the names of constellations.He said the freckles on his armswere roadmaps to the sky,and the bruises that he carriedwere supernovasin disguise.
- Poem Nº19, Alaska Gold.


She met a boy
and called him Stargazer
because instead of poems
he recited the names of constellations.
He said the freckles on his arms
were roadmaps to the sky,
and the bruises that he carried
were supernovas
in disguise.

- Poem Nº19, Alaska Gold.


okay, I lied. I don’t have my license to kill, but I do have my learner’s permit. as soon as my mom gets here, you’re toast.

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#DidYouKnow #Deaf #DeafAwareness #education #SignLanguage #advocacy #NMSCares

This is actually sadly relevant. I had a lecture this summer about sign languages and Deaf culture and when I was finished, one hearing girl from the audience stayed behind to ask me some more question.

She asked me: “And your parents use sign language, right?” Like it was the most obvious thing in the world and why is she even asking this, of course my parents must know sign language.

"No… They don’t, actually."

"And how do you communicate, then?"


"But… isn’t that complicated for you?"

"It is, sometimes."

"They probably didn’t have time for it…" she said. And I haven’t the heart to tell her that my father was offered sign language courses several times, that I offered to teach them some signs and that they always refused.

But I did told her: “It is not that rare. Most of deaf people I know have hearing parents who don’t sign.”

It’s the sad truth. People are willing to pay for surgeries to “repair” their children, but they are not willing to learn something to communicate with them.

i’d like to add onto this with my own personal experience, too. i was born hearing, but as soon as i was diagnosed as HoH, my parents didn’t do anything to learn ASL. they were quick to put me in classes, but they wouldn’t when i suggested to them that they take the classes with me so that we could learn.

i’ve tried to teach my mom how to sign numerous times, but she always says that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” to which i tell her that she can learn, she just doesn’t want to. which is true. neither of my parents want to learn how to sign, but they want me to be able to hear perfectly so they don’t have to repeat themselves.

little do they know that their frustration with me not being able to hear them would be solved if they would just learn how to sign. maybe signing something to me once instead of repeating themselves four times and then getting mad would be more beneficial.

I’m absolutely shocked at this, it’s never crossed my mind that many parents wouldn’t even try to meet their hard of hearing kids halfway.

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cw for #abuse , #abuse apologism , #victim blaming and all the stuff that goes w/the topic

I’ve talked about this before, but really, I am so sick of people pretending that Peter’s status as an abuser is optional or up to discussion/personal preference. I’m sick of people thinking they can just create an AU, tag it as “Peter is good”, and ignore the abuse he put Scott and Lydia through.

there is no acceptable reason to ignore Peter’s deeds. it’s abuse apologism, plain and simple, and even if he’s a fictional character, he’s still yet another white man whose privileges allow them to literally get away with murder, abuse, assault, etc.

this especially irks me when people pretend to care about abuse when it comes to Derek, and there are never AUs where Kate is just Allison’s slightly creepy aunt. she’s always an abuser, and that’d be ok, it’s good to hold her accountable! but why is Peter not?

you’re insinuating there is no universe where Kate could be anything but an abuser but w/Peter, people don’t even need to create an AU, they can write canon divergent fic and neatly sweep everything he’s done under the rug. (not to mention, the idea that Peter could be good is based largely on this “sane Peter” trope, the assumption that his abusiveness is caused by mental illness, which is absolutely ableist and fucking bullshit).

what I’m getting at here is that if you think Peter’s abuse is something that can be ignored, you’re saying the assault and abuse Scott and Lydia experienced can be ignored, aren’t worth mentioning, didn’t affect them tremendously. yet at the same time people write fic where Derek basically hates women and sex and intimacy forever because of Kate, but Scott and Lydia get hated on because they dare to show any reaction to their abuse and abuser.

whether Peter is or isn’t bad is not up to debate. he’s an abuser, the end. if you erase the things he’s done, you’re an abuse apologist, the end. don’t pretend to care about abuse victims when all you do is use us for your misogynistic and/or racist hate of women and characters of colour.


I’ve recently decided to freeze myself to -273℃. My friends think I’ll die, but I’ll be 0K.

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destroy this new idea that a woman can’t be strong if she cries over a man she’s lost. destroy the idea that you have to be cold and emotionally detached in order to be a strong woman

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