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Petrichor and Jasmine

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favourite photos of jamie chung 45-48/

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Goal: I want to write so well you forget it is erotica. But then a second later you remember because of your boner.

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strike a match and I’ll burn you to the ground

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Mind-blowingly FUCKING AWESOME Nebula cosplay
dear lord


Mind-blowingly FUCKING AWESOME Nebula cosplay

dear lord

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Hey there! We are Gloria & Sani from TWOS, and we’re doing a giveaway of Lydia’s Studio M cardigan & Ralph Lauren skirt in your preferred size from season 4 episode “Time of Death”. XS-XL available for both the skirt and cardigan.

We wanted to spread the news that we’re trying to raise money by donations to meet each other at a con which you can read in detail here (and we also have an IndieGoGo running for donations as well, with perks if you prefer), but you don’t have to donate to enter the giveaway. 

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Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions,

Thank you for participating & spreading the news. Best of luck  (✿◠‿◠)


I just had a terrible, wonderful, horrible thought and a glimpse at a storyline that could have played out if Boyd hadn’t been killed off.

What if Violet was Boyd’s sister Alicia that fell through the ice and he thought was dead?

I don’t know if anyone has posted this theory before but she popped up on my dash not long after that post that said Sinqua didn’t know Boyd was being killed off and he thought his storyline was just starting, which had it all fresh in my mind.

So we know Violet was one of the ‘Orphans’, so she has no family. She’s younger than Boyd so that would be why he was supposed to be watching her. What if she fell through the ice but was saved by a passing group of werewolves? What if these weren’t nice werewolves? What if they had plans to kill her and kept her terrified for a few days?

But then hunters came and slaughtered the pack and saved her, training her in their ways to make her the little psychotic hunter she was on the show. These hunters had a thing with saving kids from packs, which is where she met the other ‘Orphans’. This leads me to a whole headcanon where Garrett was actually the infant human son of werewolves and was taken and raised by the hunters when they realised he was human after slaughtering his pack, but always told him that werewolves had killed his parents instead of the truth. But that’s a different story for another time.

Imagine if Boyd had been alive and he was trying to help Scott find Liam and they got to the warehouse but Violet hadn’t been killed. And it had been years but, oh my god, that’s his baby sister. Her scent, while clogged up with the acrid stench of wolfsbane, was a familiar familial scent that brought it all back. Imagine they took her with them and spent days trying to get her to remember her real family.

Imagine another assassin came to strike Boyd’s name off the Dead Pool and Violet was nearly going to be collateral damage but Boyd threw himself in the way of whatever was going to hit her, shouting out ‘Alicia’ just as he did when she fell through the ice and it wasn’t all of her memory but she could remember that. Remembered being with her big brother and feeling so happy, laughing and playing. Remembered falling through the ice. Remembered feeling cold, so so cold. Remembered his arm dipping into the freezing water to try to save her. Remembered reaching up to try to grasp it but being a little too far away. Remembered hearing his muffled voice calling for her and then blacking out. Everything she’d pushed away to try to forget the fear she’d felt when she’d been with the werewolves afterwards. All of this in snippets of flashbacks while Boyd is getting the crap beat out of him by the assassin.

Imagine Violet clenching her teeth and getting up, defending her big brother against the assassin. Imagine her beating him bloody while telling him that no one messed with her big brother.

Imagine the two of them finding their way back together. Imagine her trying to overcome her fear of him now that he’s a werewolf thanks to what happened to her. Imagine her fighting off the training she was given by the hunter. Imagine her finally remembering enough for him to bring home to their family. Imagine the tears and hugs all around and the happiness. 

So much we could have had, ripped out of our hands before we even had a chance to have it.

And they say fanfic has nothing to do with the show. I came up with this storyline in five minutes. Has everything to do with the show.

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